Rock Island, Siargao

A very long right-hander that breaks and barrels for more than 150 meters along Rock Island. Just like Stimpy's it works best at low to medium tide and holds double overhead swells. When the conditions are right, this spot is epic and a lot of fun. Make sure you only surf as long as you want to paddle back, because the wave seems never to end at times.

Also accessible only by boat and only a minute away from the world-class left - Stimpy's. You can ask your captain to take you to both breaks for the same price.

Make sure you always give a tip to the captain if its not the owner of the boat, because those guys don't make much money. They will be thankful and gladly take you out longer next time.
Rock Island

Best for: All levels depending on swell
Direction: Very long right
Bottom: Shallow Reef
Tips: Like Dori says "Just keep swimming"